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How ATM works

Automated teller machine or ATM also known as cash machine gives you money whenever you need. You just insert a plastic card, enter a pin number and the machine delivers the exact amount you asked for. But what goes inside the machine? Cash machine connects to a central data processor where your account details are… Read the rest

Make a basic electric motor

Electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. To understand the working principle you can build a simple motor at home. For this experiment you will need thin insulated wire, battery, paper clip or safety pin, tape, scissors, crocodile clip and adhesive tape. First video is very simple; it shows how to build simple motor… Read the rest

Are MRIs safe?

Ionizing radiation like X-ray can be harmful. But to date no study has claimed that MRI is harmful. Instead of radiation a giant magnet is used to take image of body parts inside which may be your brain, heart or anything. One danger of MRI is its strong magnet attracts metal. So technicians ensure no… Read the rest

Death-proof safety elevator

Today’s safety elevators don’t fall when cable breaks. A lock invented by American industrialist Elisha Otis locks the elevator while descending at high speed and hence prevents falling. This death defying elevator was introduced in 1852. Watch this discovery channel video to see how it was invented.… Read the rest

Boolean algebra

Boolean algebra is named after English mathematician George Boole who introduced this different type of algebra in his first book The Mathematical Analysis of Logic. It was the driving force in development of digital electronics. All modern programming languages use this algebra. It has application in other branches of mathematics also. In ordinary algebra variables… Read the rest

Digital Electronics

Electronics changed the world and digital electronics has changed electronics. This digital electronics is different from analogue electronics. Before starting discussion on digital electronics I think it’s better to have some discussion on analogue and digital concept. Time is changing continuously and your analogue watch dial changes continuously. Your car speedometer with needle, mercury thermometer,… Read the rest

Fluorescent lamp explosion and ballast

Usage of fluorescent lamp is increasing because it’s four to six times efficient than incandescent lamp. Plasma state of matter is used in fluorescent lamps. Resistance of plasma decreases when electricity conducts through it. The danger lies in this property. Uncontrolled current through the plasma in the tube may produce heat and eventually the tube… Read the rest