Build your own windmill

Windmill can convert wind energy into rotational energy and eventually this rotational energy can be converted to electricity. Rotating windmill rotates an electric generator from where electricity is generated. It’s a simple experiment video by hilaroad to show how you can make a windmill and calculate its power.… Read the rest

Are MRIs safe?

Ionizing radiation like X-ray can be harmful. But to date no study has claimed that MRI is harmful. Instead of radiation a giant magnet is used to take image of body parts inside which may be your brain, heart or anything. One danger of MRI is its strong magnet attracts metal. So technicians ensure no… Read the rest

Folding paper more than seven times

Most of us have heard the myth that you can’t fold a paper sheet more than seven times, doesn’t matter how big the paper sheet is. But this Mythbusters team has folded a football field size paper eleven times. Watch the video.… Read the rest

How much sugar is added to a can?

Excessive sugar is never a good thing. Perhaps you can’t imagine how much sugar is added to a can of soda or fruit drinks. It’s seven to eight tea spoon of sugar. Do you normally take this amount of sugar at home? Marshal Brain explaining this with an experiment which you can do at home.… Read the rest

Death-proof safety elevator

Today’s safety elevators don’t fall when cable breaks. A lock invented by American industrialist Elisha Otis locks the elevator while descending at high speed and hence prevents falling. This death defying elevator was introduced in 1852. Watch this discovery channel video to see how it was invented.… Read the rest

Solar & lunar eclipse explained

What is the difference between solar and lunar eclipse? Did you know a lunar eclipse on earth is like a solar eclipse on moon? Why lunar eclipse is so common compared to solar eclipse? You can watch lunar eclipse with naked eye, but not solar eclipse. Watch the video, physics girl explains all.… Read the rest

Carbon dioxide is heavier than air

Yes we all know that carbon dioxide is heavier than air, but how can we prove it? It can be proved with common chemicals found in kitchen. Reaction between baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar produces carbon dioxide which can extinguish fire. Watch the simple experiment video and of course try at home!… Read the rest

Behavior of water in space

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows how water behaves in weightless environment of space station. He tries to wring out water from a wet wash cloth but because of surface tension water sticks with his hand like jelly and he uses another dry wash cloth to remove water from his hand.… Read the rest

Digital circuit and logic gate

Digital Circuit Those electronic circuits which work on digital data or signal are called digital circuits. Inputs and outputs of these circuits have only two possible states; that is high or low (voltage or current). These high and low states represent 1’s and 0’s which are binary digits, from where the name digital came from.… Read the rest

Truth table

Truth table is a mathematical table used to describe all possible logic states or logic levels of logic circuit inputs and corresponding output. It may be single input logic circuit, two inputs, three inputs and even more. This is a truth table for NOT operation. It has only one input and only two input states… Read the rest