Bicycle, most energy efficient method of transportation

Shihab Uddin Ahmed | October 27, 2012

Bicycle photoYou will agree that going to a destination on foot is more difficult than going on a bicycle. So you may question, how it is possible? Does bicycle produce energy? The energy comes from where?

The answer lies in the fact that bicycle can’t produce or convert energy, but it’s an efficient method of transportation. In fact bicycle is the most efficient method of transportation. Even automobiles are not efficient like bicycle. Bicycles are more than fifty times efficient than automobiles.

Automobiles are fueled by fossil fuel and bicycles are driven by human which is fueled by food. So bicycles are also environment friendly.

Bicycle also influenced changing in women’s fashion. Cycling also has positive impact on physical and mental health.

So today when we are concerned on fuel price hike, global warming and carbon emission etc. we can switch to bicycle for better future.

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