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Sadia Jahan Prova

Sadia Jahan Prova was debuted in the showbiz world by Meril Beauty Soap commercial. That was highly appreciated and she did many more television commercials after that. She started acting in single episode dramas, serials and telefilms. She became a celebrity. Shariatpur is her home district. Her father’s name is Mujibur Rahman and mother’s name,… Read the rest

Kushum Shikder

In fact only ‘Kushum’ was her name. It’s very unusual in Bangladeshi context. When she was studying at Mohammadpur Preparatory School, everyone knew her as ‘Kushum’. But when it was the time for SSC form fill up, family name ‘Shikder’ was added to her name. Now everyone knows her as Kushum Shikder. She emerged in… Read the rest

Sharmin Lucky

Sharmin Lucky is a popular presenter in Bangladesh. She came to limelight by a popular television cooking show ‘Siddika Kabir’s Recipe’. It was telecast on NTV for nine years and had about three hundred episodes. Siddika kabir was a teacher of Home Economics College; she was famous for her unique and nutritious recipes. This show… Read the rest

Mehrin Islam Nisha

Mehrin Islam Nisha is a popular actress in Bangladeshi television dramas, though she started her career as a fashion model. She was very active in cultural activities in her school and college life. Later she worked as fashion model and also worked as model for lifestyle magazines of Bangladeshi dailies. She participated in Lux Channel… Read the rest

Sohana Saba

Sohana Saba is equally popular in Bangladeshi small and silver screen. She is also a dancer. Her full name was Sohana Sharmin Saba, but she decided to drop the middle part for her fans’ convenience! She is acting and dancing from her childhood. Crowd and camera never caused nervousness, but she says when she was… Read the rest

Nadia Ahmed

Nadia Ahmed is a popular dancer and actress. Actually She is a dancer and later started acting. She participated at Notun Kuri (Bangladesh Television’s cultural competition for children) competition in 1991, studied at Viqarunnisa Noon School and college. Later did MBA. Her first appearance on television was back in 1986 in a child magazine ‘Shishu… Read the rest

Nova Firoz

Nova Firoz never dreamt to be a model or actress. Becoming a pilot or architect was her childhood dream. She started her career in the showbiz world by a TV commercial of Prandal back in 2005. Her performance impressed many directors and directors started to offer her for acting. Nova’s family was reluctant to allow… Read the rest