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Controlling hypertension or high blood pressure to prevent erectile dysfunction

Can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction (ED)? Many people ask the question whether hypertension or high blood pressure has effect on erectile dysfunction (ED); answer isn’t that simple. In some cases high blood pressure causes erectile dysfunction (ED). Remember not all men’s sex life is affected by hypertension. On the other hand hypertension may… Read the rest

Difference between hypertension and prehypertension

I have already mentioned that high blood pressure and hypertension is actually same thing but medical professionals like to use the term hypertension. There is another term called pre-hypertension. Hypertension deserves immediate attention because it increases risk of heart disease and stroke. Changing of lifestyle including diet habit and exercise and even medication may be… Read the rest

Sleep well for healthy and efficient life

Adequate sleep is part of healthy lifestyle; less and excess both are harmful. Scientists say our sleeping pattern has changed in last 200 years, especially after the invention of electric lamp.  Nowadays digital blue screens of mobile phones, tablets and laptops are also affecting our sleep. Yes reading books before sleeping is a good habit… Read the rest

I am slim and physically active, do I need exercise?

Many people argue, they eat healthy, they are slim and they are physically active with housework and other professional activities so exercise isn’t for them. Exercise is for the people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people. They are wrong. Yes exercise is essential for people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people but everyone in the… Read the rest

Hypertension or high blood pressure

If your doctor writes HTN, HT or HBP with tiny letters on your prescription then it’s obvious that you are suffering from hypertension and of course your doctor will also inform and warn you about it. Luckily hypertension is not such a condition which may hamper your life if you are cautious enough. What is… Read the rest

Understanding sugar content from food label

Understanding food label for sugar content may be little difficult because you are trying to know about free sugar content only. Natural sugar in dairy products, fruits, vegetables and other food items is not harmful. You only need to ensure that you are not consuming excessive calories. That’s not an issue here, because you are… Read the rest

Why added sugar is bad for your health

Now experts believe added sugar has no nutritional value (without minerals, vitamins, essential fats, proteins,) and shouldn’t be consumed more than 30 grams a day. But with, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, biscuits, chocolates, cakes, ice creams and many other  food items we are consuming much more than that every day, which is leading to obesity… Read the rest