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Egg and cholesterol – why you should take at least one egg everyday

Protein is essential for healthy and balanced diet. It helps to grow and repair your body. Protein repairs and grows muscle. But protein must come from healthy sources. Processed and fatty protein will increase risk of obesity and heart disease. Healthy protein will help to stay young and reduce risk of heart disease. Protein may… Read the rest
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Proven ways to manage weight loss and nutrition with diet and physical activity

You will see lots of pamphlets and blogs on the internet for losing seven pounds in a week or flattening stomach in a week, which is crazy and impossible ways to lose weight. There are some myths and misconceptions regarding weight loss and nutrition management. Here are some very basic information which may be handy… Read the rest
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Foods to lower high blood pressure

Why hypertension diet is important when medications are available? It is a well established fact that hypertension or high blood pressure may not be cured. But it can easily be kept inside accepted level and almost everyone can lead a normal life. So when your doctor says you have high blood pressure, the first thing… Read the rest
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Pros and cons of sleeping naked

Garments manufacturers around the world are marketing various sleeping dresses for men and women, bringing new styles and designs and even some are claiming to be helpful for intimate relationship. But scientific community including US national sleep foundation has backed the idea that sleeping naked has many health benefits. Why you should sleep naked Temperature… Read the rest
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Sleeping in cooler bedroom may help you to lose some weight

Normally our body temperature lies between 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F). Human body always tries to maintain this temperature. During hot summer sweating helps to cool our body and when temperature falls below the normal range our body speeds up metabolism to generate some heat. You need to burn some stored calorie (or from food) to… Read the rest
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Controlling hypertension or high blood pressure to prevent erectile dysfunction

Can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction (ED)? Many people ask the question whether hypertension or high blood pressure has effect on erectile dysfunction (ED); answer isn’t that simple. In some cases high blood pressure causes erectile dysfunction (ED). Remember not all men’s sex life is affected by hypertension. On the other hand hypertension may… Read the rest
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Why sodium is the key to control blood pressure?

Blood pressure is simply the pressure exerted by blood on blood vessel. So when your blood increases the pressure also increases. One of the most common causes of high blood pressure is increase of water content in blood. Sodium has a tendency to retain water. So if you like to consume excess salt which is… Read the rest
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Difference between hypertension and prehypertension

I have already mentioned that high blood pressure and hypertension is actually same thing but medical professionals like to use the term hypertension. There is another term called pre-hypertension. Hypertension deserves immediate attention because it increases risk of heart disease and stroke. Changing of lifestyle including diet habit and exercise and even medication may be… Read the rest
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Sleep well for healthy and efficient life

Adequate sleep is part of healthy lifestyle; less and excess both are harmful. Scientists say our sleeping pattern has changed in last 200 years, especially after the invention of electric lamp.  Nowadays digital blue screens of mobile phones, tablets and laptops are also affecting our sleep. Yes reading books before sleeping is a good habit… Read the rest
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I am slim and physically active, do I need exercise?

Many people argue, they eat healthy, they are slim and they are physically active with housework and other professional activities so exercise isn’t for them. Exercise is for the people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people. They are wrong. Yes exercise is essential for people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people but everyone in the… Read the rest