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Walking for better cardiac health

Five simple exercises to strengthen your heart

The heart is such an important organ in our body that only a few minutes of inactivity of this organ may lead to death. A healthy heart is key to avoid sudden death due to cardiac arrest. A healthy heart also ensures the proper functioning of other organs in our body. Oxygen and other nutrients… Read the rest
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Proven ways to manage weight loss and nutrition with diet and physical activity

You will see lots of pamphlets and blogs on the internet for losing seven pounds in a week or flattening stomach in a week, which is crazy and impossible ways to lose weight. There are some myths and misconceptions regarding weight loss and nutrition management. Here are some very basic information which may be handy… Read the rest
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I am slim and physically active, do I need exercise?

Many people argue, they eat healthy, they are slim and they are physically active with housework and other professional activities so exercise isn’t for them. Exercise is for the people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people. They are wrong. Yes exercise is essential for people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people but everyone in the… Read the rest