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Electronic and electric

Sometimes these two words are confusing for many of us. As we know electricity is flow of electrons, what is the distinction between the two; where a transistor or a diode also allows the flow of electrons? In simple words electronics is a branch of engineering where current through vacuum tube, gas tube or semiconductor… Read the rest

Merge multiple PDF files

Why You may need to merge two or more than two pdf files. Sometimes large PDF files are broken before sending. Or different members of a team submit different portions of a project. Or suppose you have converted some of your hand notes to PDFs but you need to merge them. How You may use… Read the rest

Laptop computer or mobile phone explosion

Yes your laptop computer or mobile phone may explode. There are few instances of deadly explosions also. In 2006 Dell, Apple, Toshiba and Lenovo recalled their laptop batteries from the market. Even user’s laptop batteries were replaced.   Injury due to overheat In 2002 a fifty year old Swedish scientist burned his penis and testicles. It… Read the rest

Copying texts from copy protected sites

How to copy texts from copy protected sites? Copying texts from websites are not always easy. Some websites have copy protection codes so that no one can select and copy the texts. But still you have chance to copy those texts. I will mention two ways to do it. Method one You may check the… Read the rest

Some simple Quick Basic Programs-1

These are some common Quick Basic programs by which almost every student starts his programming. Quick Basic is not obsolete yet, it’s still used to introduce students to the programming world. So try this and write more programs! I have run all this programs, so be sure that all the programs are correct.    … Read the rest