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Why men are attracted to boobs

Why men love boobs is not yet clearly understood. The reason why men love boobs is not yet clearly understood. These two fatty bags are one of the few areas of the female body that is virtually bull’s-eye for men. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra received intense criticism from her fellow countrymen when she commented, ‘the… Read the rest

Pregnancy is not essential for lactation

Yes contrary to popular belief women can breast feed without being pregnant. It’s possible for a virgin woman to be a wet nurse. When mother can’t lactate wet nurses can be helpful. Even in some cases adoptive mothers successfully lactated her baby. Dr. Grabrielle Palmer, Lecturer in Human Nutrition at the London School of Hygiene… Read the rest

Body shaving gives you speed

Almost all aquatic animals are slippery, but why? Answer is very simple slippery body is helpful for swimming. Aircrafts have rounded nose and structure due to aerodynamic consideration. Even submarines are made considering this factor. So, why not for human? This is the reason why swimmers use expensive swimsuits in professional competition. These swimsuits help… Read the rest

Nude selfie instead of property to get loan

Getting loan from a financial organization is never easy. Everyone wants to ensure that they will get back the money with full interest in due time. You need property to secure the loan. What happens if you don’t have any property or no one is available as grantor? Answer is simple you don’t get the… Read the rest

Establishing fake US embassy is possible!

Yes there was a fake and functional US embassy in Ghanaian capital Accra for a decade until it was shut down by investigators. The fake embassy was setup in a two storied building with corrugated iron roof. An American flag was flown outside and there was a portrait of US president Barack Obama. Criminals of… Read the rest

Most unromantic couple in the world

What newly married couples do on their first night? Needless to say it depends, but obviously they will try to know little more about each other and a large portion of them go for dirty things! It’s a night people remember rest of the life. A Chinese couple tried to keep the night memorable in… Read the rest

Where Miss Universe and mannequins are to blame

A woman looking at a big busted mannequin in cloth store How Miss Universe competition and mannequins have played a significant role in destroying Venezuelan women? Before answering the question we need to go back more than three decades ago. During the late 70s and 80s Venezuelan beauty queens became a national obsession because of… Read the rest

Cities are hotter in weekdays than weekends because we are hot!

Cities are hotter in weekdays than weekends Yes we are hot and as a result environment is getting hotter. Research and weather data have shown big cities like Melbourne, Tokyo and Moscow are hotter in weekdays than weekends. It’s because of the commuters who pour into cities in weekdays. Temperature rise is because of heat… Read the rest