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Shihab Uddin Ahmed | June 18, 2019
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The main philosophy of content marketing is you give something valuable for free to your potential customers.

Actually content marketing is a type of inbound marketing. In broader sense there are two types of marketing: inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Traditional marketing strategies are known as outbound marketing. Outbound marketing may be annoying for customers. Usually this type of marketing do not target specific audience. Instead of that, companies try to find potential customers through advertisements on radio, TV, newspaper and billboard. Outbound marketing also include advertising on social media, sending direct mail, email, phone call etc. Wastage of marketing fund is a big problem in this type of marketing.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is little different and relatively new. Inbound marketing include writing blogs, social media posts, branding, search engine optimization, publishing informative newsletter etc. So inbound marketing is an indirect marketing policy where companies can easily reach potential customers.

As I mentioned above content marketing is a type of inbound marketing, so when we are talking about inbound marketing we are also talking about content marketing.

The main philosophy of content marketing is you give something valuable for free to your potential customers. In simple words, content marketing attracts prospects and transforms prospects into customers. For example suppose you are a health conscious guy and wandering whether you are gaining extra weight. So you have searched using ‘weight gain’ keyword on Google.

Here comes the role of content marketing. You can offer a free and very informative article on weight management, importance of eating healthy food and you can tactfully mention the necessity of weighing yourself regularly. You can write, it’s much better to have a weighing scale at your home.

Then you can add information on weighing scale, types and prices etc. After that you can provide a very little information on the weighing scale you sale. Now you can expect some of your readers will think to buy a weighing scale from you. At least they will remember your company as a reputed weighing scale manufacturer and you will be benefitted in the long run.

Not only blogs, but also info-graphics, social media posts, newsletter can also play the same role.

Bottom line:

So if you ask me inbound marketing or content marketing, which one is better; the answer is definitely inbound marketing. Because inbound marketing also include content marketing and only content marketing will not bring satisfactory result.

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