Dinat Jahan Munni

(দিনাত জাহান মুন্নী)

Dinat Jahan Munni is a popular Bangladeshi singer and presenter. She sings folk songs, song of Lalon, modern Bangla songs, old Bangla songs and patriotic songs. She says, she is a singer and she enjoys singing. But she started hosting TV shows after request from directors. Even on stage shows she does the job for some time.

Dinat Jahann Munni is from Chandpur. She started to learn singing before learning alphabet. Her parents were music lovers and they inspired her. Especially her mother was so keen. She always took little Munni to various music competitions and that made Munni interested in music. Munni won her first national award in 1985, which was national child award competition. President of Bangladesh himself awarded her. She has won five national awards in her school life.

Dinat Jahan Munni photoLater in 1996 she was enrolled as singer for state owned Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar (state owned radio). She migrated to capital Dhaka from Chandpur that time. She also started to study at Eden College. She enrolled herself in cultural organization, Chhaayanaut for better learning.

In 1997 she married to lyricist Kabir Bakul. She says, she would not marry him if Kabir Bakul was not a musician and Kabir would not marry her if she was not a musician. So music brought them closer.

In her childhood Munni called Kabir Bakul as ‘Uncle’, because he was her uncle’s friend. Many interesting headlines were seen in newspapers, Mama Keno Shami (why uncle is husband). But they had no communication for about thirteen years. It resumed when Munni was migrated to Dhaka.

Munni learned music from some noted musicians like Humayun Kabir, Khondokar Nurul Alam, Nifufar Yasmin and Ustad Sanjib Dey.

Her husband kabir Bakul who is a famous lyricist and another lyricist Shouquat Ali Imon jointly helped her to release her first solo album Protikkha in 1998. Her second album Ami Opar Hoye Boshe Achhe was released in 2001. Now she is planning to release her third solo album. She has twelve other mixed and duet albums.

Her song on Felani is highly praised by music lovers. Felani was a minor girl who was shot dead by Indian border guards when she was coming back to Bangladesh. This killing was severely criticized by international media and human rights organizations. Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul composed this song.

She is also a playback singer for film. She has sang more than 150 fifty songs already. Her latest song for the film ‘Purno Doirgho Premkahini’ is widely appreciated. Daruchini Dip (Dukhkhotake Dilam Chhuti) was another popular film for which she sang.

She has two daughters and one son. She says, she and her husband always sacrifice for each other. There are instance that she stayed home so that her husband may visit abroad and her husband stayed at home for Munni. She avoided stage shows till 2009 for her children; family is always their top priority.

She says, she is in this position mainly because of her mother and husband’s contributions. She has visited many countries of the world for stage shows. She prefers stage shows than live TV shows, because she gets the opportunity to sing on audience request and direct reaction is possible there.

This write-up was first appeared on bd-personalities.blogspot.com (2013)

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