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Shihab Uddin Ahmed | February 15, 2018

Electronic and electric photo

Sometimes these two words are confusing for many of us. As we know electricity is flow of electrons, what is the distinction between the two; where a transistor or a diode also allows the flow of electrons?

In simple words electronics is a branch of engineering where current through vacuum tube, gas tube or semiconductor is discussed. So a diode valve, a triode valve, semiconductor diode, transistor or IC (Integrated circuit) everything are electronic component. And equipment using these components is obviously electronic equipment. So computer, TV, mobile phone all are examples of electronic equipment.

On the other hand in traditional equipments where flow of electrons occurs through wire, induction coil is electric equipment. So a fan, an electric bulb, refrigerator etc are electric equipment.

I mentioned earlier that valve is an electronic component. But incandescent bulb is an electric device. Simply because in a valve electron flows through gas or vacuum but in an incandescent bulb electron flows through the filament. Many modern equipments use both electronic and electric technology. But those are called electronic equipment. Your computer is an electronic equipment, it has microprocessor and other electronic components. But you will also find cooler fan and other electric components. Even you will find inductor coil on your motherboard.

On the contrary an air conditioner is electric equipment though it has electronic temperature control and remote control system. So we need to look at basic working of the equipment and check whether it’s electric or electronic.

First appeared on electronics-as-hobby.blogspot.com (2011)

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