November 13, 2020

Obesity increases the risk of many health issues including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Keeping your weight and deposited body fat under an acceptable limit is part of maintaining health and keeping you fit for productive everyday life.

Avoiding excess fat is part of healthy living but if you are struggling to lose weight then fat burning is a burning issue that you can’t avoid. Besides exercise fat burning foods can help you to reach the destination. Choosing the right menu isn’t a complex task. A deep understanding of nutrition facts, fat type & content, body metabolism, and your daily physical activities will determine how much and which food you should eat.

Maybe you want to lose weight, you need to lose belly fat; or you have already deposited excess fats in different parts of your body, you just need to burn that to avoid surgical procedure to remove fats from your body. Whatever the situation is, exercise alone may not be enough to burn excess fat. The math is very simple, you take calories with food and your body burns that. If your calorie intake is higher than burning you will start to gain weight. So to keep your present state you have to made calorie intake and burning equal. Understandably your calorie-burning has to be higher than calorie intake if weight loss or fat burning is your goal.

How to burn fat

Your body’s normal chemical process known as metabolism itself burns calories. The energy your brain uses is enough to power an electric bulb. Other organs including your heart also burn calories. Your daily activities including reading, writing, working with a computer, watching television, walking also need calories.

As we know excess calories are deposited as fat, we must burn a certain amount of calories which is based on our metabolism and daily activities. There are some exercises aimed at burning fat. As I mentioned earlier that sometimes you will find it impossible to burn the required amount of fat by workouts. Here comes the role of fat burning foods. As the name suggests fat burning food will not burn fat on your body.

If I say cardamom is a fat-burning spice that doesn’t mean you can consume a lot of cardamoms to burn fat. Banana is another example of fat burning food and that doesn’t mean eating excessive bananas will burn fat rapidly. In fact, it may increase fat because of excess calorie intake.

Never forget about the word ‘metabolism’ which is the chemical process of the living body to use calories. A fast metabolism means you are making efficient use of foods you have taken and a slow metabolism means depositing fats. Some foods like cardamom and drinks like green tea can speed up your metabolism those are known as fat burning foods. Some fibrous foods prevent overeating and take a longer time to digest. Those are also fat burning foods.

I hope you have understood that the term ‘fat burning food’ may be a bit confusing. You need a deep understanding of nutrition facts and recipes of fat burning foods. Remember a healthy recipe will make the difference.

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