October 15, 2017

exercise-for-all photoMany people argue, they eat healthy, they are slim and they are physically active with housework and other professional activities so exercise isn’t for them. Exercise is for the people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people.

They are wrong. Yes exercise is essential for people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people but everyone in the planet should do some exercise regularly. Even in space. You know astronauts exercise regularly in international space station. Even if you are slim, your body fat percentage is within accepted level and your everyday life includes a lot of physical activities some exercise will benefit you. May be exercise isn’t essential for you but exercise will definitely improve your fitness, reduce risks of many fatal diseases and you will lead a healthy, happy and efficient life. Your shape, your lifestyle your goal etc will decide what type of exercise and how much do you need.

Preventing deadly diseases

You have heard about diabetes, high blood pressure and you know this two can kill you by increasing risk of heart attack and stroke. Obesity is another culprit. Believe it or not you can reduce risk of all these diseases simply by doing regular exercise and it will surely add some extra years to your life. Depression is another problem which may affect your productivity and dementia or memory loss is becoming common. Regular exercise will make you happier and also reduce risk of dementia. You can reduce risk of some other diseases like osteoporosis, colon and breast cancers. So maybe you are slim and eating healthy but that doesn’t mean exercise isn’t for you. Yes your exercise pattern will not be like a fatty guy.

Improved immune system

Immunoglobulin is a special type of protein which helps you to fight against infections like influenza. So how can you increase immunoglobulin level? Simply by doing exercise. Because every time you do exercise your immunoglobulin level increases and stays there for around 24 hours. So you need regular exercise.

Exercise makes you happier

Dopamine is the chemical responsible for our feeling of happiness. By increasing dopamine level in brain you can increase your level of happiness. So, how to do it? Exercise is the easiest and safest way to increase dopamine level in your brain. So, walk, run, swim or whatever is most suitable for you and find yourself happier. Remember 30 minutes of regular exercise three to five times in a week may add six years to your life.

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