Most unromantic couple in the world

Weird Desk | April 4, 2018

couple-spend-wedding-night-copying-party-constitutionWhat newly married couples do on their first night? Needless to say it depends, but obviously they will try to know little more about each other and a large portion of them go for dirty things! It’s a night people remember rest of the life. A Chinese couple tried to keep the night memorable in another way.

On their weeding night instead of making love they copied parts of the Chinese Communist Party constitution. You may think its most unromantic way to celebrate first night of married life. But to the Chinese couple Mr. Li Yunpeng and Ms. Chen Xuanchi it was most effective way of making the night memorable for rest of the life. Both of them work for a state owned rail equipment maintenance workshop.

Sitting next to a decorated double bed the couple was copying the constitution by hand. Chinese communist party wants its members to now party ideology and rules well. So they encourage people to read party constitution. As part of it the Chinese government backed “copy the communist party constitution for 100 days” challenge in March 2016. So copying part of constitution was an opportunity for the couple to show patriotism.

But many Chinese are not happy with the news. They are questioning, is the Chinese government starting to interfere in marital life and what to do with better half in weeding night.

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