Nasrin Akter Nipun

(নাসরিন আক্তার নিপুণ )

Nipun, a popular Bangladeshi film actress; she is also a regular performer in single episode television dramas and serials. Though she is not a regular dancer, but she knows dancing well and performs occasionally on stage. She also did modeling for some television commercials. She has already received two national awards in her career of about seven years.

Nipun is liked by many movie lovers for her outstanding performance and charming smile. She loosed twelve kilograms of weight in single year by strict dieting, which is not very common in Bangladeshi film industry. Her height is five feet and four inches and her birthday is the ninth June.

Nipun studied computer science from Russia, then migrated to United States; she was living in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. She had also received green card. It was the year 2006, she came to Bangladesh in vacation. Another prominent film personality Dipjol requested her to act in film Pitar Ashon. But Nipun said she has only twenty days.

But Dipjol managed to complete shooting of the film within that time. That film was super hit. She came back to Bangladesh for the premiere show of the film and she received another offer. It was for the film ‘Shajghor’. The story of the film was based on a novel of noted writer Humayun Ahmed. She did Kushum’s role in the film. Two years later this film brought national film award for her. This award made her serious in film. She received another national film award in 2009 for the film Chaander Moto Bou.

Nipun photo

She loves dancing so much and learned Katthak dance when she was studying in Russia. She had participated ‘Star Dance’ show and did four hour long rehearsal everyday for that.

She was called for the film Porichoy in Kolkata (Calcutta). She acted against Prosenjit Chatterjee who is considered as one of the most popular and successful actor of Kolkata or Tollywood. Nipun thinks that was an important event of her career. The film was released in June, 2013 and welcomed by the audiences there.

Nipun says acting with someone like Prosenjit Chatterjee is bit difficult because of nervousness. But he made it easier for her. He was so helpful. There was a bed scene, but at the end it was done easily for his cordiality.

Nipun says punctuality is making the difference between Dhaka and there. Crews are trained and working in more organized way. Women are getting friendlier environment there and more women are working behind the camera.

Some films acted by Nipun:

  • Pitar Ashon
  • Shajghor
  • Rickshawalar Prem
  • Praner Shami
  • Chander Moto Bou
  • Porichoy
  • Attodan
  • Hothat Shedin
  • Tumi Ashbe Bole
  • MayanogorMayer
  • Momota
  • Eito Bhalobasha
  • Padma Parar Parboti

Some single episode television dramas and serials

  • Red Signal
  • Ekoda Ek Bagher Golay Har Phutiachhilo
  • Gofurer Biyea

Some television commercials by Nipun

  • Pran Up
  • Tibet Snow
  • Walton Generator
  • Botanic Fairness Cream
  • Momtaj Mehendi

This write-up was first appeared on (2013)

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