NOT operation

Shihab Uddin Ahmed | January 22, 2017

NOT operation is the last basic Boolean operation. We have seen in OR and AND operation that these are performed on two or more inputs. But NOT operation is performed on single input.

NOT operation simply gives opposite logic state of its input logic state. i.e. if input logic is 1 output will be 0 and vice versa. Not operation is also known as inversion or complementation.

NOT operation for variable A is expressed as:

 not-opperation-expression photo

It is read as ‘x equals NOT A’. It is also known as inverse/complement of A. There is another important point to note, in many cases instead of overbar, you will see use of prime (‘) symbol like below:

not-opperation-expression-2 photo

NOT operation truth table photo

Truth table for NOT operation

not-gate photo

NOT gate symbol

NOT operation is performed using NOT gate which can be constructed using diodes and transistors. To Know about NOT gate please see NOT gate section.

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