Sea salt and Table salt

Shihab Uddin Ahmed | December 17, 2016

sea_saltFor thousands of years salt was a very important commodity. Producing salt from sea water wasn’t easy but salt was necessary for preserving foods. In fact salt enabled human civilization to preserve foods. It was a very expensive commodity and in sometimes roman armies were paid in salt. The word salary comes from the Latin word for salt. In today’s world salt isn’t as expensive as that era but still it’s an important ingredient for cooking, everyone around the globe consumes more or less salt. You will hear about two types of salt, i.e. sea salt and table salt. So what is the difference?

Sea salt: We know sea/ocean water is salty; there are some salt water lakes also. Sea salt comes from vaporizing process of water from those sources.

table saltTable salt: Table salt comes from salt mines. Usually this type of salt goes through more heavy refining process.

Difference between sea salt and table salt

Actually both are sodium chloride and can be consumed safely. But many people prefer sea salt, they say it has natural flavor. Sea salt may contain other minerals, algae, bacteria and even sediment. But refined sea salt and refined table salt are nearly the same. It is same in other sense also, salt mines are actually created from dried up sea water millions of years ago.

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