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Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi is a popular actress of Bangladeshi silver screen who is famous for her action role. Typical Bengali film depicts heroine as a woman who always seeks help from her hero, but Mahi likes to play the role where woman defends herself which is not very common in Bangladeshi films. Mahi took very little… Read the rest

Zakia Bari Momo

Zakia Bari Momo is a popular figure in Bangladeshi television dramas. But she is not only an actress, she also learned dancing and singing from her childhood. She grew up in a culturally oriented family, her mother and father always inspired her; though many of her closed relatives and neighbors criticized that. But now they… Read the rest

Nasrin Akter Nipun

Nipun, a popular Bangladeshi film actress; she is also a regular performer in single episode television dramas and serials. Though she is not a regular dancer, but she knows dancing well and performs occasionally on stage. She also did modeling for some television commercials. She has already received two national awards in her career of… Read the rest