Tarin Jahan

(তারিন জাহান)

Tarin is a popular actress in Bangladeshi television dramas. She was a child star in the eighties. She acted on popular television serial Sangsaptak, which was scripted on the novel of Shahidullah Kaisar. Tarin did Rashu’s role there.

She became Notun Kuri (BTV’s cultural competition show for children) champion by securing first position in most of the categories like singing, dancing and acting in that competition.  That was the beginning, but there was a little gap. After some years in the late nineties she started to perform as a young performer.

Though she is a singer and dancer, but she is mainly performing as an actress on single episode television dramas and serials. She dances on various programs occasionally and her music album is also released. Tarin has already acted on a film ‘Kajoler Din Ratri’. But this talented actress is avoiding the silver screen.

Tarin also did some television commercials for products like soft drinks and hair oil, some of them became very popular.

Tarin never performed on theater, but she worked with some legendary performers like Suborna Mustafa, Ferdoushi Majumdar and Afjal Hossain. Now she is not working in many dramas like other popular performers of Bangladesh. She wants to concentrate on character and she is very selective.

Tarin never hesitates to visit places like slum or brothel to see their life in firsthand. She says when someone is doing their character, it is essential to know them well. She believes doing two or three characters in a single day can’t be good for performers. One should take time to concentrate on his or her character.

Tarin has also launched her production house, ‘A new Tree Entertainment’. Tarin says, her mother contributed the most in her life. Her music album ‘Akash Debo Take (I will give sky to her)’ was dedicated to her mother. She requested lyricist Juffiquer Rasel to write a song on mother. Tarin included that song in her album. That was a touchy song, Tarin and her mother burst into tears to listen that song.

Tarin married to another actor Shohel Arman but they were divorced later.

Tarin believes dedication and honesty is the key to success and arrogance must be avoided. Humayun Faridi, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Suborna Mustafa, Aupi Karim and Jaya Ahsan are her favorite performers in Bangladesh.

Some single episode television dramas and serials by Tarin:

  • Maya
  • Shawla
  • Death of a Birthday
  • Jotsna O Tar Jol
  • Sangrila
  • Golpoti Sotti

This write-up was first appeared on bd-personalities.blogspot.com (2014)

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