Why men are attracted to boobs

November 11, 2020
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Why men love boobs is not yet clearly understood.

The reason why men love boobs is not yet clearly understood. These two fatty bags are one of the few areas of the female body that is virtually bull’s-eye for men. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra received intense criticism from her fellow countrymen when she commented, ‘the Indian movies are all about hips and boobs’, which is mostly true if you watch typical Indian movies where movies are full of dancing and singing. In many cases, actresses wear revealing dresses to highlight booty and boobs. Many dancing moves are also intended to draw attention to hips and boobs.

The popularity of breast implantation surgery also indicates the appeal of breasts among men around the world. So, the question is why men are obsessed with breasts? As I mentioned above, there is no definitive answer, but there are some research results and hypotheses to explain.

It’s not unusual for men and women to have special significance for his or her counterpart’s reproductive organs. Boobs, bosoms, breasts whatever you call these are mammary glands and it’s a characteristic feature of mammals. Unlike other mammals, human mammary glands have a sexual role too. Face to face mating is a rare incident among other mammals. Only a few mammals are seen stimulating their nipples during masturbation. In simple words, only men get access to his mate’s boobs during sex.

So researchers think evolution may have been the reason behind breast lifting among women. They also pointed out that men also have relatively large penises.

2004 study on Polish women

Dr. Grazyna Jasienska of Harvard University led a study on 119 Polish women. These research findings were published in the journal Proceedings B. Their study supported the idea that breast size is linked to women’s fertility.

The researchers checked the weight and body fat of these 119 Polish women. They measured the circumference of the waist, hips, breast, and under the breasts. They were categorized into three categories: 1. large breasts & narrow waist, 2. large breasts & broad waists, and 3. Small breasts & narrow waist.

Saliva samples of these women were checked during a full menstrual cycle to monitor 17-b 17-b oestradial (E2) and progesterone hormones. These hormones are considered an indicator of fertility.

Women with higher breast to under-breast ratios (large breasts) or low waist to hip ratio (WHR) were found to have higher hormone levels. So according to this study, when men are attracted to boobs they have a valid reason.

Works the same way as for infants

Emory University professor Larry Young who teaches psychiatry, has another explanation. He thinks the breast is designed to feed the infant. Our brain has a complex neurological system that strengthens mother-infant bonding through breastfeeding. Woman’s nipples are stimulated by the offspring during breastfeeding. This stimulation releases oxytocin in mother’s brain which is a neurochemical known as “the love hormone”. This hormone plays an important role in bonding. It may be bonding with baby, social bonding and even bonding with a partner. Now researchers are convinced that nipple stimulation also helps to draw focus and attention between mates.

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