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Pros and cons of sleeping naked

Garments manufacturers around the world are marketing various sleeping dresses for men and women, bringing new styles and designs and even some are claiming to be helpful for intimate relationship. But scientific community including US national sleep foundation has backed the idea that sleeping naked has many health benefits. Why you should sleep naked Temperature… Read the rest
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Sleeping in cooler bedroom may help you to lose some weight

Normally our body temperature lies between 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F). Human body always tries to maintain this temperature. During hot summer sweating helps to cool our body and when temperature falls below the normal range our body speeds up metabolism to generate some heat. You need to burn some stored calorie (or from food) to… Read the rest
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Sleep well for healthy and efficient life

Adequate sleep is part of healthy lifestyle; less and excess both are harmful. Scientists say our sleeping pattern has changed in last 200 years, especially after the invention of electric lamp.  Nowadays digital blue screens of mobile phones, tablets and laptops are also affecting our sleep. Yes reading books before sleeping is a good habit… Read the rest

Sleeping in space

How do astronauts sleep in space? It’s little different. Astronauts feel virtually weightless there and a sleeping astronaut may float away from one end of space station to other end. So they sleep inside a sleeping bag which is attached to the space station. Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains in this video.… Read the rest