October 3, 2018

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Garments manufacturers around the world are marketing various sleeping dresses for men and women, bringing new styles and designs and even some are claiming to be helpful for intimate relationship. But scientific community including US national sleep foundation has backed the idea that sleeping naked has many health benefits.

Why you should sleep naked

Temperature has an important effect on our sleep quality. Most experts agree that temperature between 60 °F (15.6 °C ) and 68 °F (20 °C) is best for sleeping. Our body produces more melatonin at this temperature range. Melatonin is a hormone which takes our body to sleeping mode. It’s not easy to get this temperature on hot summer day. So you can solve the problem by sleeping unclothed. Better sleeping means better memory, growth and better immune system.

Helps to lose weight: Sleeping in cooler temperature will also help you to lose some weight. Because your body will burn more calories to keep you warm.

Good for your skin: Not only tight underwear even pajamas can trap moisture in hot and humid summer nights. So sleeping unclothed reduces risk of yeast infection.

Improved fertility: It’s a well established fact that heat has negative effect on fertility. This is why nature has kept testicles outside men’s body to keep cooler. So, nighttime nakedness can improve sperm quality.

Why you should not sleep naked

Sleeping naked is beneficial for health but if you don’t feel comfortable on your ‘birthday suit’ then it’s most likely that you will not sleep well. Here are some points that you may consider sleeping naked may not be an option for better sleeping.

You need to wash bed sheet more frequently

Yes you are a grownup guy; you don’t pee on bed and don’t need diaper. But you can’t guarantee that you never fart. Imagine a situation you were sleeping on your back, farted and little later you turn your face on bed exactly where you’re your butt was. Does it sound hygienic? You may sweat during sleep. Moreover we lose millions of dead cells everyday and sleeping naked means you need to wash bed sheet frequently. Taking shower before going to bed may be a solution.

In case of emergency

What you will do in case of fire or earthquake, when every seconds count? A thief may enter your house and even right into your bedroom. Thief may enjoy watching your naked body. Yes a professional thief will not spend much time on watching you. But will you chase the thief when you are totally unclothed?

Getting something from kitchen

You may feel hungry or may need to drink some water in the middle of night. If you live alone it’s not a problem. But if you are living with others will you dare leaving your bedroom naked to get some water even at 3:00 am?

Does your culture accept nakedness?

Sleeping naked isn’t a known idea in many parts of the world. So your home mates or family members may consider it as a mental illness.

Cautions and tips                 

  • Sleeping naked isn’t an option if you sleepwalk. Some medicines may cause sleepwalking. So avoid sleeping naked unless you are a nudist.
  • If you are a women avoid nude sleeping during menstruation or take special measures.
  • Keep robe next to your bed for emergency situations.
  • Taking shower before sleeping will be beneficial for sleep and it will keep your bed sheet clean for longer period.

Now it’s your decision whether to sleep naked or not. You may also like somewhere between complete nakedness and full clothing; like wearing boxers and t-shirts.

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