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Fat burning foods

Obesity increases the risk of many health issues including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Keeping your weight and deposited body fat under an acceptable limit is part of maintaining health and keeping you fit for productive everyday life. Avoiding excess fat is part of healthy living but if you are struggling to lose weight then… Read the rest
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Egg and cholesterol – why you should take at least one egg everyday

Protein is essential for healthy and balanced diet. It helps to grow and repair your body. Protein repairs and grows muscle. But protein must come from healthy sources. Processed and fatty protein will increase risk of obesity and heart disease. Healthy protein will help to stay young and reduce risk of heart disease. Protein may… Read the rest
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Proven ways to manage weight loss and nutrition with diet and physical activity

You will see lots of pamphlets and blogs on the internet for losing seven pounds in a week or flattening stomach in a week, which is crazy and impossible ways to lose weight. There are some myths and misconceptions regarding weight loss and nutrition management. Here are some very basic information which may be handy… Read the rest
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I am slim and physically active, do I need exercise?

Many people argue, they eat healthy, they are slim and they are physically active with housework and other professional activities so exercise isn’t for them. Exercise is for the people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people. They are wrong. Yes exercise is essential for people with sedentary lifestyle and overweight people but everyone in the… Read the rest
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Why added sugar is bad for your health

Now experts believe added sugar has no nutritional value (without minerals, vitamins, essential fats, proteins,) and shouldn’t be consumed more than 30 grams a day. But with, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, biscuits, chocolates, cakes, ice creams and many other  food items we are consuming much more than that every day, which is leading to obesity… Read the rest