Why men are obsessed with female butt

Weird Desk | April 4, 2018
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Bigger butt means smarter kids

We are living in a sexualized world where female butt is a marketing tool; it’s from denim to music video. May be marketing agencies are crossing the limit and putting pressure on female to have bigger buttocks, but it’s pretty normal that men like bigger female back. Without knowing evolutionary science men are following what they should follow.

Bigger butt means smarter kids

University of Pittsburgh professor Will Lassek has written a book titled ‘Why women need fat’. According to this academic, fat plays an important role in developing human brain so naturally men will look for a woman who will be able to supply necessary fat during pregnancy. A chemical known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is type of omega-3 fatty acid and it’s necessary for human brain development during pregnancy and breast feeding period. So where this fat will come from? It largely comes from fat stored in female thighs and buttocks.

That means when a man is choosing a woman with bigger butt, he is increasing the chance of having a smarter kid. Even studies support the idea that kids whose moms  have larger back, perform better in cognitive tests.

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