Cities are hotter in weekdays than weekends because we are hot!

Weird Desk | April 4, 2018
Cities-are-hotter-in-weekdays-than-weekends photo

Cities are hotter in weekdays than weekends

Yes we are hot and as a result environment is getting hotter. Research and weather data have shown big cities like Melbourne, Tokyo and Moscow are hotter in weekdays than weekends. It’s because of the commuters who pour into cities in weekdays. Temperature rise is because of heat generated from human bodies, transports, private cars and buildings where many modern day gadgets and machines are in use. Dr. Nick Earl is an academic at the University of Melbourne in Australia. According to his study Melbourne is 0.30 C hotter in weekdays.

Around 250,000 commuters pour into the city in weekdays so their effect can’t be negligible. It’s like a cycle where temperature goes up and down and there is no weekly cycle in nature so commuters are to blame, say researchers.

Not only temperature but also rainfall, wind speed and cloud can be affected due to increased population. Rise in temperature increase convection which affects wind and pollution particles from cars influence cloud formation.

Researchers believe this new finding may be useful, it will give better understanding of meteorological cycles and now we can put ban on cars in cities during heat waves.

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