Sumaiya Shimu

(সুমাইয়া শিমু)

Sumaiya Shimu is a quality actress in fact. She was working for an advertisement firm, and then started modeling. Remaining story is known to all.

She is one of the most popular actresses in Bangladesh. Worked on many popular TV serials including Houseful, Fnf, Shawpnochura, Lolita. She worked on many popular single episode dramas also and she likes single episode drama. She thinks in most of the cases TV serials derail from the main story. She is not interested in film like other actors and actresses of television world.

She studied Government and Politics at Jahangirnagar University and now doing PhD on socio and cultural perspective of women on acting at same university. She still likes studying; this is why she continued her study amid her busy schedule on shooting spots. She was residing at Shamoli of the capital. But now she has changed her residence to Banani. Because most of the shooting spots are at Uttara and it’s easy to go there from Banani.

This write-up was first appeared on (2013)

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