April 7, 2018

prehypertension photoI have already mentioned that high blood pressure and hypertension is actually same thing but medical professionals like to use the term hypertension. There is another term called pre-hypertension.

Hypertension deserves immediate attention because it increases risk of heart disease and stroke. Changing of lifestyle including diet habit and exercise and even medication may be needed.

On the other hand pre-hypertension isn’t that dangerous. Blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg or above is regarded as hypertension and blood pressure between 120/80 mmHg and 139/89 mmHg is regarded as pre-hypertension. That means if your blood pressure is within this range, it’s not dangerous though you have a good chance of developing hypertension or high blood pressure which is harmful.

So pre-hypertension means you have nothing to be worried but it’s time to adopt healthy lifestyle otherwise there is strong possibility of developing hypertension.

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