Sharmin Lucky

(শারমিন লাকী)

Sharmin Lucky is a popular presenter in Bangladesh. She came to limelight by a popular television cooking show ‘Siddika Kabir’s Recipe’. It was telecast on NTV for nine years and had about three hundred episodes. Siddika kabir was a teacher of Home Economics College; she was famous for her unique and nutritious recipes. This show popularized cooking show in Bangladesh. Sharmin Lucky was the presenter of the show.  People of all ages know her as the assistant of Siddika Kabir’s kitchen.

Sharmin Lucky did modeling for a coconut oil in the 90s and she was working behind the camera with her voice. She worked in radio also. There are many popular television commercials where Sharmin Lucky’s voice is heard. Still she enjoys this.

But ‘Siddika Kabir’s Recipe’ changed Sharmin’s career. Many companies started to offer her to work in their commercials; especially for household products. She is very selective, she agrees only if the script and product is good.

Sharmin-Lucky photo

Sharmin Lucky grew up in Moghbazar area of the capital. Studied at Nazrul Shikshalaya and Provati Biddyanikaton. Then studied at Siddheswari College. Finally completed her M.A. in Bangla from Dhaka University.

She learned poem reciting from an organization ‘A Somoy’. Sharmin Lucky believes she got some outstanding teachers and friends in her life.

Her first poem reciting cassette hit the market when she just appeared the SSC exam. Her mother beat her for violating family discipline, because she was outside home at late night for recording. But later she liked Sharmin’s cassette. Sharmin believes audio is stronger than the visual medium. She is a hobbyist singer also. She likes cinema but do not have any plan to act.

Sharmin Lucky’s interview with BBC Bangla

Another TV interview on traveling:

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