Sohana Saba

(সোহানা শারমিন সাবা)

Sohana Saba is equally popular in Bangladeshi small and silver screen. She is also a dancer. Her full name was Sohana Sharmin Saba, but she decided to drop the middle part for her fans’ convenience! She is acting and dancing from her childhood. Crowd and camera never caused nervousness, but she says when she was in front of 35 mm camera for the first time she felt the pressure of responsibility.

Ayna (Mirror) was her first film but Khelaghor brought her to the limelight. It was a story on liberation war. She acted Rehana’s character who is a young woman, lost her close family members.

She thinks she watched the Bangla film Keyamat Theke Kaeyamat more than hundred times. Also watched ‘Baby’s Day Out’ and ‘Home Alone’ these two films many times. But now she doesn’t have much time to watch a film several times.

She studied fashion designing and does costume design for herself. She did costume designing for the film Chandragrahan (Lunar Eclipse), which was directed by her husband Murad Parvez.

She is also continuing acting in TV serials and single episode TV dramas.

Films she acted:

  • Ayna
  • Kehlaghor
  • Chandragrahan
  • Priyotomeshu

This write-up was first appeared on (2013)

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