Eamin Haque Boby

(ইয়ামিন হক ববি)

Model Boby was born in 1987. Now she is a popular actress but started her career as a model. She worked for many television commercials including Walton TV. She acted in many TV serials and single episode dramas also. But she likes silver screen. She thinks it’s a wide arena to perform. She was absent in the showbiz arena for sometime because she was busy with her study and her family was reluctant to allow her. Now her family is supporting.

She was debuted in film by ‘Khoj the Search’. Her character was not the main character there, but her performance and glamour was noticed by the audience and critics. It was only the beginning and now she is dreaming to be a top performer in the film industry.

Boby already worked for some movies including Full and Final, Dehorokshi (Bodyguard), Khoj the Search. The music video of the film Dehorokshi (Bodyguard) with Milon was uploaded on YouTube before the release of the film and highly appreciated. This romantic-action film is directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury. Kazi Maruf and Anisur Rahman Milon is her co-actor in the film.

This write-up was first appeared on bd-personalities.blogspot.com (2013)

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